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Me about me

I sing and then I breathe. Music is so powerful and I learn everyday of it, of every composer, of every poet and musician. Music lives everytime in my mind and it owns me when I sing.


I am a woman who sings and that makes me stronger, wiser, braver; and when I sing I undestand what  to pray means and I can reach the divinity thro it.

...and I know that I am alive and my senses fill out with the inmensity, sometimes fatality and beauty of being a human. 

I love to sing, that is why I came to this world.


The rose

The rose grows up, with lovely colours

people look at her and admire her colour and scent;

nevertheless the rose does not perfume herself more

or change her colours to captivate.

The rose is always herself, she lets the wind to touch her,

she feeds the hungry hornets, but she does not wait they stay always with her.

She knows she has thorns, she doesn´t want to hurt those who try to love her or to have her. She feels pain. She only wants lo live.

The rose doesn´t want to be helped, she is happy with her existence, proud of the nature she carries on herself with life and souls fuel.

The winter can come, because she is ready to let her petals fly, and she will be reborn in herself with new colours, one day, with the sun.


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